About Us

Our History & Structure

The ISAP India Foundation (Formerly Known as Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals) is a non-profit development agency, established in 2001 by a group of Agriculture and Management Professionals with the aim to revitalise rural India through providing access to sustainable farm and rural community livelihood development. ISAP is one of the largest networks of agriculture and allied sector professionals in India and acts as a bridge between a network of Indian rural communities and other stakeholders, including government, development organisations and corporate entities. ISAP does this through large-scale field implementation projects with integrated deployment of technological innovation for efficiency and scale. With more than 600 staff and experts across 17 field offices in 11 states, ISAP’s interventions have contributed to enhancing livelihood opportunities for more than one million farmer households, 2458 agri-preneurs, more than 20,000 youth and 20,000 women in 8000 villages in 250 blocks across 100 districts in India. ISAP has physical establishments at 100 locations, which include 12 Agribusiness Village Resource Centres (AVRCs), 20 Single Window Centres (SWCs), 20 Skill Development Centres (SDCs), 46 Custom Hiring Service Centres (CHSCs) and a hospital.


We believe that when farmers are enabled to improve and earn from their harvests, rural India can become a place of opportunity and prosperity for all community members.


Enhancing incomes of smallholders through access to markets and technologies.

Our main goals are

To catalyse employment opportunities, both on-farm & off-farm for agri-workers and agri-preneurs alike

To alleviate farmer poverty by plugging knowledge gaps and promoting technical innovations for abundant harvests

To facilitate the implementation of climate and soil friendly agri and agri-allied practices

Technology Business Incubation

While agricultural and rural development remains at the core of ISAP’s programs, it has, over time, adapted to complementary needs in the sector and established new organisations to fuse partnerships for a more holistic and multi-disciplinary approach.

Subsidiary organisations – Founded and managed by ISAP

Indigram Labs Foundation

Indigram Labs Foundation (ILF) is a business incubator with focus on the domains of agribusiness, technology and health – all areas which can transform rural communities and assist in accelerating ISAP’s vision.