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ISAP's Initiatives to Fight Against Corona
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Target beneficiaries (16,72,000)

COVID-19 pandemic

The 2nd wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit India hard and deep. While the Urban geographies continue to struggle with the paucity of hospital beds, medicines and oxygen amongst the many other essentials and as the administrators grapple with the steps to contain the virus by imposing stricter measures to contain human congregation and movement, the condition in the rural areas are well beyond comprehension. India’s rural population have now come under the ambit of the infection and signs of struggle have also started making its’ mark. Lack of awareness, inability/ unwillingness to follow COVID norm, migration, unrestricted movement, lesser no. of tests in addition to the mutant strain of virus may have played detrimental role in sparking on the deadly 2nd wave of COVID in the rural settings. The remote rural areas, apart from lacking adequate healthcare facilities at the primary, block and district levels, also fight with quick and authentic information flow, empathetic caregivers, testing kits, masks and sanitizers, medicines, dry ration and cooked food apart from oxygen supply (in form of both cylinders as well as concentrators), ventilators etc.

Our Presence

ISAP, present in around 8,000 very remote and backward villages in 250 Blocks in 127 Districts across 11 States in all corners of the nation, touches almost 3.5 million lives every day. Through its deeply entrenched community relationships, it is uniquely placed to support all COVID-19 related interventions, besides acting as the support to the health and civic administration on the on ground needs of the community.


In 2020, as the COVID – 19 started making its’ presence felt and the Government responded with lockdowns to ramp up the healthcare infrastructure, ISAP mounted significant efforts to support our communities through various initiatives, with the generous and kind support of donors and individuals from all walks of life through the #Hum Hongey Kaamiyab campaign. Mass awareness campaign amongst 9000+ beneficiaries, distribution of 1000+ Kg high protein biscuits, 9600 personal hygiene kits and 1.6 Lakh masks across 3300 villages bear testimony to the initiatives carried out. ISAP also assisted in vaccination of 1000+ elderly community members across 7 panchayats.

Mass Awareness Campaign

9000+ Beneficiaries


160000 Masks

1000+ Kg High Protein Biscuits


1000+ elderly community members

What We propose

As the mutant strain ravages life and economy in its’ 2nd year of existence, ISAP is determined to address the needs and wants of the community in a more deeply entrenched impactful manner. 2 pronged strategy devised to this extent are as described below:-

• Deployment of Pan India 100 caller COVID helpline, to handle 5000 calls a day, specific for Medical and Non- Medical Requirements

• Oxygen Support

• Distribution of Covi kit to rural communities (Need Detailed out below)

Through the #Hum Hongey Kaamiyab campaign, we would request Donation in aid of the impoverished and vulnerable rural community. All donations are eligible for exemption under the Income Tax Act. Please feel free to choose from the following options:-

Distribution of COVID Kit

INR1,000/5,000/10,000/ Contribution per Donor

  • Estimated No. of Beneficiaries : -20,000
  • Target Fundraising : -8,00,00,000

Oxygen Concentrator

INR1,000/5,000/10,000/ Contribution per Donor

  • Estimated No. of Beneficiaries : -7,52,000
  • Target Fundraising : -2,00,00,000

Tele Medical Advisory for COVID Care

INR1,000/5,000/10,000/ Contribution per Donor

  • Estimated No. of Beneficiaries : -9,00,000
  • Target Fundraising : -90,00,000