Innovative Technical
& Market-Based Strategies
to Combat Rural Stagnation

Adaptable, Long-Term Solutions

The roots of poverty in agricultural communities is complex, and any approach to improve it needs to be adaptable to solve the problems farmers face. That’s why ISAP takes a holistic, long-term approach. We offer a variety of approaches, also in tandem with our affiliate partners, when required, to inform, train and support farmers, women and youth in rural communities.


Farmers constitute 65% of the total Indian workforce which contributes about 15% to the country’s $2 trillion economy. 80% of those farmers are small and marginal, dependent for their survival on less than five acres of land. ISAP recognises farmers as a central need focus of major development goals and works to get them access to the tools they need to prosper.


Women are a crucial resource in agriculture (aggregate data shows that women comprise about 43 percent of the agricultural labour force) but face constraints that reduce their productivity. The labour burden of rural women exceeds that of men, and includes a higher proportion of unpaid household responsibilities. ISAP’s work strengthens and accelerates economic growth and gender equality by building on the contributions that women make by taking steps to alleviate the constraints to productivity.

Rural Youth

Around 98% of India’s young people enter the market without adequate skills. Add to this the lack of non-farm employment available in rural areas and the situation is one of huge numbers of un – and under employed rural youth. ISAP counters this lack of opportunities by training youth in future-facing industries as well as building capacities to support entrepreneurs.