Rural Healthcare and Wellness

Health is of paramount importance and ISAP has played a vital role in vaccinating over 1000 elderly community members in 7 panchayats, in keeping with this understanding. The organization's partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has also led to the establishment of call centers, initially piloted in 2003 by the USAID-funded Commercial Market Strategies (CMS) Project.
Focusing on strengthening health systems, ISAP India Foundation has to its credit the management of multiple projects under its health vertical during the COVID-19 pandemic. These projects were strategically located across India to provide support to marginalized and vulnerable communities. Activities included conducting one-to-one sessions, focus group discussions, mobile van campaigns, and other Interpersonal Communication (IPC) methods to raise awareness about COVID-19 risks as well as about non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, hypertension, and lung health. Working in partnership with State andFDistrict Health Departments, the project empowered individuals to make informed decisions about their health and effectively manage risks. 
ISAP also supported the district health departments by enhancing their manpower to reach a larger number of beneficiaries for awareness campaigns and support. Collaboration with various organizations, local partners, and community leaders in challenging and remote areas ensured a broad reach and significant impact, strengthening health systems and pandemic prevention.
Serving as a link between rural communities and different stakeholders, including government authorities, ISAP facilitates dialogue and collaboration between multiple stakeholders including farmers, government agencies, and policymakers. Through its advocacy efforts, the organization raises awareness about the needs and challenges faced by rural communities, working towards developing effective policies that address their concerns. 
Recognizing the importance of building resilience in rural communities, ISAP collaborates with partners such as Humanitarian Aid International to create and implement innovative models that enhance the resilience of farmers and rural economies. The interventions prioritize capacity building, technological innovation, and knowledge dissemination, empowering communities to withstand challenges including climate change, market fluctuations, and socioeconomic disruptions. 
By employing a comprehensive approach and integrating technological innovations, ISAP India Foundation effectively aligns with its donors’ strategic core partner objectives, making a significant contribution to the sustainable development and upliftment of rural India.