Skill Development

The Skill Development Vertical of ISAP India Foundation is a dedicated wing focused on empowering individuals through vocational and professional training. Recognizing that skill development is the backbone of growth, this division aims to enhance employability and entrepreneurial ability among marginalized communities.
ISAP has been at the helm of affairs where Skill Development of rural youth is concerned. Developing and honing vocational skills has considerably helped in reducing the rural-urban divide. In addition, ISAP’s efforts in skill development have steadily countered challenges such as poverty, unemployment, and migration. Rural youth have been initiated into the realm of digital and financial literacy by incorporating these new-age critical elements into on-going training and workshops. 
By providing industry-aligned training in various trades and professions, ISAP has succeeded in closing the skills gap and enabling individuals to secure stable employment. Thus, enhancing employability. 
ISAP consistently offers business development support and training to aspiring entrepreneurs, focusing on sustainable and localized solutions. This goes a long way in promoting the spirit and know-how of entrepreneurship. 
With a keen emphasis on including women, minorities, and other marginalized sections of society in skill development initiatives, ISAP has fostered inclusive progress at the grassroots level. 
The emphasis is to align the trainings carried out for multiple skills to the needs of the market. As part of its skill development initiatives ISAP India foundation has done capacity building and training of farmers in various govt projects and CSR projects. Further, a total of 18,732 out of trained 30,000 BPL rural youth have been placed under various Skill Development programs. Also, a total of more than 750,000 farmers have been trained on agribusiness skills.
The skill development programs have been run under the principal of Strengthening Training, Building Sustainable Employability, Tracking Retention and Consolidating Demand Driven Geographies.