Sustainable Agriculture Based Livelihood

ISAP India Foundation has been at the forefront of agriculture-based livelihoods and entrepreneurship development, nurturing India’s agricultural sector. It forms the core of who we are. ISAP India Foundation is committed to empowering and income enhancement of farmers across India. 

It is towards this end that all of ISAP’s efforts are directed. ISAP India Foundation is committed to empowering famers and enhancing their income across India. Handholding them through land preparation for sowing to post-harvest management is only a part of what we do. We create awareness about sustainable agricultural practices and allied activities, building and supporting farming communities through creation and promotion of institutions such as Farmer Interest Groups, Self Help Groups and Farmer Producer Organizations. ISAP has impacted the lives of over 2 million farmers through over 300 FPOs throughout the country. ISAP’s success doesn’t lie in creating the said FPOs but in helping them in achieving economy of scale in agribusiness for sustainability. These FPOs are also supported by developing infra by mobilizing resources through various government and non-government programs for running business activities. Collectivization through FPOs helps in effectively increasing say and share of the farmer in the value chain system.

Another different but equally effective step to enhance farmers’ incomes is through the Agribusiness Village Resource Centre (AVRC) Model. An AVRC is a one-stop solution for FPO members. Ideally, an AVRC comprises of an Input Store, Processing Units, Warehouse/Aggregation platform, Processing Unit, Custom Hiring Service Centre (CHSCs) and a Skill Centre. 

As part of our Integrated Farming System (IFS), a total resource-based convergence is exercised in terms of cropping, horticultural activities, animal husbandry and aquaculture so as to deploy resource-based outputs as input for another activity in a cyclic manner.

The farsightedness of ISAP is clearly portrayed through its focus on and furtherance of regenerative agriculture practices among farmers. The idea is to promote farming activities with the aim to improve soil health and fertility as well as to protect water resources and biodiversity. 

ISAP has given ag-enterpreneurship a filip by training 6100 plus agri graduates and creating over 2400 Ag based MSMEs under the aegis of the MANAGE program. The highest turnover of the most successful enterprise created herewith is more than INR 50 Crore. Well over 100 enterprises have a turnover of more than INR 1 Crore. These figures tell the story of the scores of farmers who have stood to benefit from ISAP’s interventions over the past two decades. 

With a keen focus on empowering farmers, agri-entrepreneurs, and rural communities to create self-sustainable models for growth and lasting impact. 

Going forward, ISAP India Foundation aims to broaden its reach, focusing on scaling initiatives that are successfully piloted. It will continue to foster innovation, technology adoption, and entrepreneurial mindsets among the agrarian communities.

Here is a glimpse of a few select successes in the ventures listed:

Please follow this up with the IFS, AVRC models in the apt places and the Case Studies as they appear in the PPT will come at the end.