History & Structure

Our History & Structure

ISAP is a non-governmental, non-profit organization working since 2001 for the empowerment of rural India through sustainable farm and non-farm livelihood development. ISAP is one of the largest networks of agriculture and allied sector professionals in India and acts as a bridge between the network of Indian rural communities and other stakeholders, including governments, large development organizations and corporate entities, through large-scale field implementation projects with integrated deployment of ICT for efficiency and scale.

With the active participation of ISAP’s dedicated 1500-plus staff and experts across 231 field offices in 23 states, so far, we have contributed to enhancing 7,200 rural elderly people by social inclusion, medical help, financial, digital, legal literacy and livelihood enhancement. 500,000 rural women trained on safe usage of kitchen fuel Ongoing training of 160,000 plus adolescent girls on life skills and livelihoods 20,000 Women empowered through 2,000 SHGs. ISAP also Promoted 200+ FPOs serving 250,000 farmers and 80+ FPOs are in the making 46 Custom Hiring Service Centers (CHSCs) serving 50,000 farmers 15 Agri-Clinics serving 150,000+ Farmers. On the front of Enterprise Development ISAP has trained more than 6,100 agri-graduates and guided in set up 2,400 plus ag-based MSMEs apart from that it has also facilitated training of more than 20,000 BPL rural youth on occupational skills and 750,000 farmers for different skills. ISAP is also able to mobilize more than 8 lakh people and get them vaccinated (1st and 2nd Doze) in in all the 17 districts in 7 states for 35 lakh people, 10 lakh households.

ISAP has major work in enhancing Livelihood opportunities through Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture, Skill and Entrepreneurship Development, Women Empowerment, Natural Resource Management including water, sanitation, solar and bio energy. ISAP follows a multi-pronged strategy for building sustainable rural livelihoods through Integrated Farming, Livestock Management, Skill Training and Local Enterprise for unemployed men and women. The programmers are focused on community-based models for local value addition and market linkages for sustainable outcomes.

ISAP also works for reducing vulnerability of the under-privileged through interventions such as provision of safe drinking water and rural healthcare through low-cost infrastructure, helplines and medical camps.

Our team’s dedication, competence and experience brought us several recognitions. With cumulative grants of Rs 70 crore since 2008 from a range of government, corporate, multilateral and bilateral funders, ISAP has made significant contribution towards economic and social development in the country.

Our strategy for achieving sustainable rural development involves direct engagement with rural communities, collaborations through partnerships, and leveraging technology. Through direct engagement, we understand the unique needs of rural communities and provide tailored support and solutions. Collaborations with like-minded organizations, government bodies, and stakeholders help us leverage collective expertise, resources, and networks to create a greater impact.

We also harness the power of technology to enhance agricultural extension services, facilitate access to market information, and promote the adoption of digital tools for efficient farm management.

With the support of committed professionals involved in our various programs, ISAP aims to create replicable and scalable models of development. Our goal is to empower farmers and rural communities, making agriculture a sustainable and profitable livelihood option. By addressing diverse themes and working towards the holistic development of rural areas, we strive to build a prosperous and resilient future for rural India.