DEI Efforts

ISAP has a gender-neutral workplace and is an equal opportunities provider. We have an inclusive and diverse board. We are a very secular organization and given equal merits, have a bias in selection in favour of women professionals or those from minority communities or from the SC/ST/MBC given their under-representation in terms of employment in the organized sector. We intend to consciously work on extending the same preferential treatment to professionals or associates with disabilities.


By 2024 ISAP intends to attain the following Goals:

  • 60% of the Board of Directors will be from women, minorities and or from the SC/ST/MBC communities.
  • Number and percentage of Human Resources from minorities and the SC/ST/MBC communities associated in all projects being in line with their proportions in local populations of the geographies being served by ISAP.
  • Number and percentage of women Human Resources in ISAP head office being at least 25%.