Water & Climate Change

ISAP India Foundation is committed to addressing the pressing challenges of water scarcity and climate change in rural areas. Our work in this area is multi-faceted and includes several key initiatives aimed at fostering sustainability and resilience in these communities. 

We actively engage in watershed development projects, which play a crucial role in improving the productivity of agricultural land. Through activities such as afforestation, soil conservation, and water harvesting, we catalyse and facilitate the overall agricultural potential of the region. 

The high level of overlap in agriculture and the areas of water and climate interventions only goes to corroborate the importance of one set of activities in the other. Promoting sustainable agricultural practices is another vital aspect of our work. 

In line with our commitment to clean and renewable energy, we have successfully implemented an 11 KV Hybrid Electricity Grid in Kauthamal Village, Beed, Maharashtra. This innovative grid harnesses solar and wind power to provide electricity to the village, ensures access to clean energy sources and contributes to environmental sustainability. 

At ISAP India Foundation, we believe in integrating climate change considerations across all our programs. This means that we carefully take climate change into account during the planning and implementation of our projects. For instance, our water harvesting initiatives are designed to be climate-resilient, adapting to the changing weather patterns and ensuring long-term effectiveness. 

Through these collective efforts, ISAP India Foundation strives to make a significant and positive impact on water scarcity and climate change in rural communities. By fostering sustainable practices, promoting clean energy solutions, and incorporating climate resilience, we aim to create a more secure and prosperous future for these regions.